I AM…Clear ~ Live Intuitive Angel and Oracle Card Readings 06/17 by Wake Up Radio | Spirituality Podcasts


I AM…Clear ~ Live Intuitive Angel and Oracle Card Readings 06/17 by Wake Up Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

I AM…Decisive! ~ Live Intuitive Angel and Oracle Card Readings 06/16 by Wake Up Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

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Finding Blessings All Around

I haven’t visited here in awhile…seems all the thoughts swirling through my head have been committed to paper or long emails of late. So much going on. So many places I am stretching myself.

Last week was the beginning of a new Blog Talk Radio channel called, Wake Up Radio, with my friend Adela Lavine. Our first show went well considering both of us were just doing our best and slogging through. We laughed alot and shared the story of how our paths crossed and then she did readings on the air…AWESOME! It amazed me that we had callers in queue even before the show started and they stayed with us to the end. This last week I have been studying how to produce a better show and am expecting this Thursdays one to be a million times better, lol. Head set, check. Skype set up, check. Show outline, almost….

And if that weren’t enough I met with a small group I am in a meetup with and we began plans on a Healing Fair that will be held in June. I love the power of a group of people meeting with the intent of building community! This is an amazing opportunity for me to facilitate an event…even a year ago I would have laughed at you for even suggesting it, lol. But now it feels good and it feels right. I am still a little nervous but there is confidence inside me now that all things are possible.

My own class planning, blogging and weekly newsletter have taken a back seat to the above. Now it is time to incorporate all of it into one package. Seems hosting and facilitating events and speakers is becoming something that I am being led to do. Started with just the thought of a simple interview series and has turned into so much more and I seem to be a fountain of creativity and ideas. Forms…lots of forms and page protectors are helping me to keep it all going and remembering what is still left to be done. Thank the Goddess I am not the obsessive I used to be judging my performance! Freakydeaky is the word for the day…

Thank you for being here…I needed to write these words out and send them out into the darkness of space! It has helped clear my mind 😉 and has gotten me back to where this all started. Lost no more.

To Personal Revolutions

Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of. ~ Geri Weitzman

Fear or Anticipation?

I have long been fearful of stepping out and sharing my gifts, feeling that either I am unworthy or no one will resonate with my message. I must say here that no one has ever given me reason to believe either of those fears since I began this work and, in fact, just the opposite is true. So here I sit feeling a fear that has no merit…and deciding to face it head on.

Breathe Deirdra, just breathe.

Tonight I will join with other healers, teachers and lightworkers in a community healing event. I will be alone as I enter that door except for the Angels and Guides that walk with me and the tremor of fear will leave as soon as I sit down, take out my cards and begin to read for those that have come to hear their messages.

Is it really fear or could it be anticipation? I must think on this…and maybe it is just a choice to see it one way or the other.

I think I will go with anticipation and see how that feels tonight. Just the thought of it is so much lighter 🙂 than what I was feeling a minute ago.

So there you have it. I am turning my fear today into anticipation. I will let you know how it goes…

I am not the mistakes that I have made…

Today’s assignment is to write to my niche group. I thought about that as I went to bed last night and when I awoke it came to me. I write so that others will no longer feel alone in their fear and pain and through sharing my journey help them see a way out of the abyss.

I spent many years living in the cold and dark of fear and pain myself. Courage was for others. Lightness of being was for the worthy. And God forbid that Jesus would return for I would be left behind.

No longer do I spend days dreading the what ifs and shadows of the past. It has been a process. It started with listening to new thought leaders on Youtube and webinars and turning off the t.v. Next it was challenging myself to do one small thing at a time that I had fear around….like riding the bus. And with each step I found my courage growing and a lightness came to me that I had never felt before.

I know that there are many, who like me, want to find a way out of the darkness that fear brings. Through sharing my stories and thoughts my hope is that I shine a light for others to find their way back to the Light that lives within them and knowing their worthiness from their deepest being.

As there were many who gave to me, this blog is a way for me to give to others. To let them know they have never been broken. To remind them of their magnificence. And to inspire them to remember that small child who began this life with imagination, courage and the knowingness of their Divinity.

Follow along if want to hear more and I can guarantee you that I will give you my heart in every post and a good word to send you on your day ~ Shine your smile and make the world a little Brighter!

Thoughty Thoughts

Not quite sure when I started using the words, thoughty thoughts, to describe all the words that circle in my head but it has always felt appropriate.

Today my blogging 101 assignment was to look at my title and tag line and see if it truly fit how I feel about my blog. Before today it was just my name and something about learning lessons…boring! I asked myself what is it that I am doing here and the answer was, sharing your thoughty thoughts.

What freedom that just brought me realizing that all the thoughts that have been stuck in my head for all these years will finally have release.

Second lesson done. I feel good about this.

Myrtle Speaks!

Between needing to clean the house and do blogging homework this morning I was a little confused…

Myrtle is my pendulum and when I am aware in my day I go to her to help me make those decisions that would normally keep me confused in my bi-polar world. For some it may seem simple to make the choice but for me it can keep me from making any choice at all. So I seek her out when I am in need of direction in my day and she is always spot on. Today she said I was to come here and write so here I sit.

Today I am doing double work as I missed doing yesterdays assignment and first I am to write why I am here blogging in the first place. I an not new here so I went back to the first post I wrote on May 8th last year, Why I Write. In rereading it I find that I am writing today for the same reason…to share my stories so that others can find hope in change and find the Light of their Soul that has been hidden for far too long. Through all the changes in the past year the calling of my Heart has stayed the same.

Myrtle was right, it feels good to be sitting here giving this a little thought and feeling blessed to have this Blogging 101 class to help me learn this new vehicle to share my thoughts.

Thanks for reading and being on this journey with me!

Are you searching for your Purpose?

Once upon a time….

I thought my purpose was to create tools for others so they could improve their lives. My crafts were beautiful and filled with my Love yet I could not earn a living making them. I worked farmers markets, art fairs and sold to stores. I shared hugs and listened to the stories of my clients. It was beautiful but I wasn’t reaching the clients that were waiting for me. And each day brought me closer to poor. Was I living my purpose or not? It was a confusing time.

Then I learned something that totally changed how I looked at “my purpose”.

What if I told you that you could live your purpose today? What if you could wake up every morning knowing that with every action you were doing the job you came here to do? And…how many more people could you serve if you stopped the search and just lived your purpose?

We are taught from a very young age that what makes us worthy is how much we give, how much we give up, and how much others think of us. What a lie! What makes us worthy is the fact that we are here and we are part of the wholeness of the Divine. What a gift to learn that there were never any broken pieces to us. That we were born to thrive in our wholeness and Shine!

Our Purpose…is to live in the light and to share that light with others. Sometimes it comes with a calling to heal or to teach but for most of us it is to simply live our lives as our authentic selves. Simple, but often not easy, considering we live in a world that tells us we need to conform and be small. Our purpose involves shedding the lies and remembering what we came here to do, not living a life directed by others. We get caught up in how others are doing it and make so many judgments on ourselves about how we don’t live up to the expectations that mindset brings and see ourselves as failures. Wrong!

I know that in your heart you are searching for a place that already lives inside you. A place that you locked the door on when you were very young. Don’t feel bad, most of us did. It was the only way some of us survived. But we are no longer children and it is safe now for us to come out of hiding.

Were you that child who found joy in dancing? Or maybe you saw Angels? Or the heard the voices of those that have no physical bodies? Go back to those memories and visit the feeling of “knowing” who you are and what you came here to do and I think searching for your purpose may just end there. I know mine did. I learned that I am here to Love others into the Light…and it’s one of my earliest memories.

So I encourage you this week to stop looking outside of yourself for your purpose and start to excavate those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a life that feels just right instead of one that feels hard and cold. Your purpose is yours and yours alone. Maybe you give hugs that heal or your smile warms the hearts of those who feel all alone. What better purpose in life could their be than to share our Love and Light?

Go be yourself. Dress how feel. But most of all….Shine your light and show the world that they can too! The lies stop with us.

I love You more than words can say and I see You as the Divine does…Perfect, Whole and Complete ❤


Deirdra photo 3

Celebrate Yourself!


Today marks the 8th anniversary of Self Love Day!

Be kind to yourself as you maneuver through your day today.

Speak to yourself as you would to a friend that you Love.

Smile often. Share a laugh.

Take a compliment with a smile.

Look up at the sky, taking in it’s beauty and wonder.

And always remember You are as Beautiful and Wondrous as any of God’s creations.

So today,

Love yourself beyond compare!


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